Next Event – 25th to the 28th May

Anglo Welsh Clifford Cup, CRT Drayton Reservoir, Daventry

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25-28 May

Anglo Welsh Clifford Cup (Ladies) – CRT Drayton Daventry

22-24 June

Tri-nations International (Ladies) – TBC

13-16 September

International Friendly – Sava River Serbia

3-6 October

FIPS Ed XX World Championships – Sava River Serbia

2 – 4 November

ICFA Home Nations (Mens) – Wales




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How international events work


Individual pairs events are simple, the pair with the biggest weight wins.

Team events are decided on points. The majority of F.I.P.S. Ed events are pairs or team events and usually last 72 hours.

There are usually three sections with one pair from each county in each section. (click here)

Places in sections are decided by the highest weight then converted to points, known as penalties.

1st in section gets 1 point, second 2 pts and so on until last in section or a blank gets a maximum.

The points from the three national pairs are added together to form the national total.

The winner is the nation with the lowest points score.

Rules for the events are very strict with bait limits, areas that anglers can cast into, times that they can bait up etc etc. A full list of International rules can be seen on the FIPS Ed web site.